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Digital Talking Parrot - The Smartest Virtual Pet

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AV Digital Talking Parrot 1.0


Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 bits & 64 bits) , iOS
Software bundle: No
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Junior Carlos, Brazil

Well a cool free screensaver. I like it much. Thanks Peter

Susan, England

My kids like this talking parrot. It can repeat my words exactly. Thank you for your cool kit.

Nuno, Portugal

Haha, it»s really fun. Never thought of such a lovely virtual pet. I sent this to many buddies...

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Review by CNET

"AVSOFT's Digital Talking Parrot is strictly for fun. This free screensaver simulates a talking parrot, but like the real thing, Digital Talking Parrot can learn, remember, and repeat what you teach it...". - . Rating: 4
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AV Digital Talking Parrot is a fun, free screensaver with no ads or pop-ups. If you want to adopt a smart virtual pet, our talking parrot is a perfect choice.

It is like a baby. It can learn what you teach. Talking Parrot cannot recognize the doorbell and the phone ring; however, it can mimic sounds, a bird song, or a human voice, or any kind of sound if you spend sometimes to teach it. It's fun to play around with this smart pet.

After installing this free screensaver, to teach it to mimic sounds, go to Start menu/Programs/AV Digital Talking Parrot/Parrot Property.

To let this virtual pet play, go to Start menu/Programs/Digital Talking Parrot/Parrot then on the program's menu bar, click "View" to choose either "Zoom 100%" or "Full Screen". By press "Escape" the "Zoom 100%" will be restored.


Digital Talking Parrot though can talk, laugh, sing, mimic bird’s songs, and imitate human sounds thanks to the built-in database of phrases including in this free screensaver. The best (or the "worse") is that the virtual pet remembers whatever it hears and will say out later. It is really a lovely virtual pet for your PC.

You can teach Digital Talking Parrot to talk with the voices you want, to remember and say out whatever you want. You also can teach this virtual pet what to remember and what not to.

You can also change background where you want Digital Talking Parrot to be at. Currently this free screensaver has 4 backgrounds to choose: Green, Lake, Room, and Waterfall.

And you can easily make it "shut up" or not to "hear", by turning off speakers or microphone.